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happy2482 02-16-2012 05:17 PM

The next 15 years insufficient food affects 500 mi]jordan shoes online,According to the British broadcasting company on February 16 days to report, the charity Save the Children in the latest report warned that as there were not enough food,]nba jerseys online, in the next 15 years the world will have 500 million Children's physical and mental development affected.]jordan shoes for sale,"Save the children" international organization entrusted to company GlobeScan poll in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Peru and Nigeria and other countries of the family to investigate, found that many families can't afford meat, milk or]supra shoes uk, 1/6 of the parents surveyed said their children must give up to go to school, instead of going out to work in order to get the food. A third of parents say their children complain that do not have enough food. "]supra TK shoes,Save the children" organization in the report, says the global 1/4 child development obstruction, or are poor nutrition effect, their body or brain was not fully development.]woman supra footwear, Every year, the causes of death because of poor nutrition for children's 2.6 million people.
"Save the children" organization says,]nike jordan store,food prices make malnutrition in children phenomenon worse, make efforts to reduce the rate of dying children encounter obstacles. The group executive director Justin Forsyth said:]jordan shoes for sale,"global in children die young rate reduce has made great progress, the number of children dying from 1990 in 12 million to 2011 in 7.6 million reduced."

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